TownHomes is well-known in the industry for building tough, reliable, and versatile manufactured homes. They’ve been providing Florida and Georgia’s home buyers with a higher standard of building quality since 2005. With their attention to detail, we’re confident we can find the perfect prefab home for your family.

Since 2005, TownHomes has focused on providing home buyers with an expertly built, heavy-duty home. They’re extremely proud of the strength of the home construction. Combine that strength with endless customization and attractive décor options, and you get a manufactured home not only that lasts a lifetime but looks great and provides every amenity your family needs.

Annabelle: 4 Bed/3 Bath 2,206 sq ft (ltt series)
      ***lot model clearance***

Captiva: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,173 sq ft (Coastal series)

Covington: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,820 sq ft
      (town Manor Series)

Daphne: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,760 sq ft (ltt series)

Keaton: 5 Bed/3 Bath 2,305 sq ft (coastal series)
      ***lot model clearance***

Key Largo: 4 Bed/2 Bath 2,612 sq ft (ltt series)
      ***on the lot***

Manning: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,387 sq ft (ltt series)

Palm COAST: 2 Bed/2 Bath 910 sq ft (coastal series)
      ***new porch model***

Palmetto: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,493 sq ft (coastal series)
      ***lot model clearance***

Sanibel: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,280 sq ft (Community Series)

SIESTA: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,440 sq ft (coastal series)

Venice: 4 Bed/2 Bath 1,699 sq ft (Coastal Series)

Westchester: 4 Bed/2 Bath 2,305 sq ft
      (town manor series)