Runner Series

The Runner Series provides the ultimate value, as it is the best price per-square-foot home on the market! With 13 models to choose from, the Runner Series provides all of the basic necessities a homeowner needs, complete with quality construction. These homes are perfect for those who prefer to take on the task of upgrading themselves. How do we keep the cost so low for these homes? We build them in large quantities and then we pass the savings on to you! Because we are independently owned, there is no middle man. Meaning, we can deliver the absolute best price and value in the industry. These homes, like all of the other series we offer, are Energy Star certified and approved. The Runner Series are built in a controlled factory environment, which means every part of the home – from the front door to the bathroom sink – is protected from weather-related damage, vandalism and other hazards. That’s just one more way we guarantee the quality and integrity of Ironwood Homes can’t be beat.

5K: 5 Bed/3 Bath 2,136 sqf

Bolt: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,130 sq ft

Dart: 3 Bed/2 Bath 936 sq ft

Dash: 2 Bed/2 Bath 979 sq ft

Flash: 3 Bed/2 Bath 936 sqf

Ironman: 4 Bed/2 Bath 2,254 sq ft

Jet: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,244 sq ft

J-Low: 1 Bed/1 Bath 520 sq ft
14×44 Runner SS

Lightning: 2 Bed/2 Bath 728 sq ft

Sonic: 4 Bed/2 Bath 1,768 sq ft

Spark: 4 Bed/2 Bath 1,456 sq ft

Spartan: 4 Bed/2 Bath 1,976 sq ft

Sprinter: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,456 sq ft