Plantation Series

The Plantation Series are comparable to most site-built homes, equipped with easily customizable designs and a variety of floor plans. Square footage ranges from 500 to 2,300, with single or multi-section homes available.

  • 2’x6’ walls
  • Customizable, with over 30 different upgrades available
  • Array of vibrant interior paint colors to bring your home to life
  • Customized entertainment centers to fit even the largest TVs
  • Energy Star certified and approved
  • 17 Models to choose from

The Plantation Series are built in a controlled factory environment, which means every part of the home – from the front door to the bathroom sink – is protected from weather-related damage, vandalism and other hazards. That’s just one more way we guarantee the quality and integrity of Ironwood Homes can’t be beat.

Arlington: 4 Bed/3 Bath 2,514 sq ft

Biltmore: 3 Bed/2 Bath 2,346 sq ft

Blakely: 4 Bed/2 Bath 2,273 sq ft

Hilton: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,795 sq ft

OXFORD: 3 Bed/2 Bath 1,795 sq ft


Ponderosa: 3 Bed/2 Bath 2,013 sq ft

Saddlebrook: 4 Bed/2 Bath 2,400 sq ft

Stafford: 4 Bed/2 Bath 2,254 sq ft

Victorian: 4 Bed/2 Bath 2,254 sq ft